HIstoric building could hold key to Amarillo's future

J. Gaut, J. Gaut & Associates
J. Gaut, J. Gaut & Associates

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - A big piece of Amarillo's history is now for sale... Something many say will either make or break downtown revitalization.

Those we spoke with today say in many ways, the success of revitalization in downtown Amarillo will be centered around this building... The Herring Hotel, which has been vacant for the past few decades.

J. Gaut of J. Gaut & Associates says, "It sits on the skyline of Amarillo. It's between the police department and the Civic Center and it's so visible from I-40. I think Center City revitalization will be much more complete once something is done with the building. As long as it's empty and on the skyline, it's going to just kind of an eyesore I think."

Some developers have said the Herring would possibly be an option for the convention center hotel.

Other possibilities for the building include mixed use space with offices and apartments or condos and lofts.

The Herring has a rich history in Amarillo... It was built in 1926... In it's hay-day, it was the place to see and be seen.

It also was where the who's who of Amarillo held meetings to plan the future of our city.

The building itself costs $3.25 million, but renovations tack on another $40 to $50 million.