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The Amarillo Elks Lodge hosts a fundraiser to help fire victims

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX- People in the Panhandle joined forces Sunday to raise money and supplies for families who lost their homes in the recent wild fires.

Just two weeks ago dozens of local families lost everything, so the Amarillo Elks Lodge did their part to try and help them start all over.

The Elk's Lodge wanted to do anything they could to help the victims of the wildfires, especially since the fires hit them close to home.

"We felt like we wanted to get involved, and do something for the community, and we had some members that lost their home and didn't have any insurance, so we felt like this is what we could do," says Pam Matheson.

The lodge took donations of any kind, including clothes, furniture, baby items and money, to help the victims.

Aaron Amos says they received more donations than they originally expected.

"We filled up one truck before 3 o'clock, and this event wasn't supposed to start until 3 o'clock," says Amos.

People from all around the Texas Panhandle came together to help these victims says Amos.

"They've been coming from all over the Panhandle, I had a gentleman come from Booker, just to bring clothes to donate for this," Amos added.

Pam Matheson says it is nice to see a community join forces and help each other in a time of need.

She says she hopes other groups will continue to do the same.

"We just encourage everyone to get out there and support our community and pull together," Matheson adds.

The items and money donated will be distributed to the Salvation Army and Red Cross, then given to the victims of the fires.