Local families react to deadly earthquake and tsunami

Sheryl Alexander-Wooten
Sheryl Alexander-Wooten

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Dozens of local families are waiting to hear from loved ones who are affected by Friday's deadly earthquake and tsunami sweeping across the Pacific Ocean.

Those we caught up with have family in Japan and Hawaii.

Many of them tell NewsChannel 10, they spent hours trying to reach their family members to see if they were safe.

"He texted me back and said 'I am in a conference in Virginia, but Jamie and Solomon are safe,  I was at ease at that point." said Sheryl Alexander-Wooten whose brother is stationed in Hawaii.

Locally, the American Red Cross, is not deploying anyone to help with any disaster relief efforts. the national organization has activated its safe and well service.

Meaning, if you are looking for a family member or friend who may have been affected by the disaster, you can check with the American Red Cross to see if those individuals have registered themselves as safe and well.