Help police solve nearly 50 cold case murders

Al Mondragon
Al Mondragon

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Nearly 50 Amarilloans have been murdered, and their cases remain unsolved.

Over the past few months we've introduced you to several Amarillo families who are waiting for detectives to solve the murder of their sons, sisters or great grandmothers. There is a way you can help.

Amarillo Crime Stoppers now offers a supplemental reward program in solving these cold cases. Currently, the maximum a tipster is awarded for any crime is a thousand dollars. However, crime stoppers can add private funds from citizens on top of what the tipster may get. Which police say has proven to be a greater incentive for people to give police information.

Victim's families tell us, this program not only helps them, but also the Amarillo community by getting murderers behind bars.

"The Mondragon family would have never thought this would have happened to us. This can happen to any family.  It's important for people to donate to this cause, I truly believe that." Said Al Mondragon, whose daughter's body was found wrapped in a unique rug and dumped in an abandoned garage.

In order to donate, you need to sign a contract with Amarillo Crime Stoppers for a pledge amount and specific case.

To do so, just call Crime Stoppers at 374-4400.