Senate bill could bring liquor sales on Sundays

John Kaltefleiter, Party Stop
John Kaltefleiter, Party Stop

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The possibility of allowing Sunday liquor sales is causing quite an uproar in the Texas Legislature. The bill filed by State Senator Rodney Ellis of Houston, would remove the Sunday liquor sale ban.

Its' main purpose is to generate a greater tax revenue, something that some lawmakers feel is necessary with the gloomy financial situation in Texas.

Surprisingly alcohol related businesses are showing the greatest opposition. John Kaltefleiter of Party Stop says, "We don't want to spread that revenue out over seven days. We don't think we would have much of an increase in business on Sunday anyway, especially early on. Now maybe five years after a law passed, that might be different when people are used to being able to buy it on Sundays. But you're talking about manpower, you're talking about the electricity bill going up."

Liquor stores don't stand alone however, because liquor manufacturers and organizations like the Texas Package Store Association, which protects liquor store interests, agree. Texas is one of 14 states remaining with the Blue Law Sunday liquor sale ban.