Cells banned in Amarillo school zones

AMARILLO, TEXAS - In a move to keep school kids safe, Amarillo's City Commission has decided drivers will soon be prohibited from using cell phones in school zones.

The new regulations will actually starts with the next school year on August 15. But Tuesday the commission decided to go ahead and start putting up the signs letting drivers know the change is coming.

You will no longer be able to text message or use your phones during posted hours unless it's for a matter of public safety, the driver is parked or they are using certain hands free devices.

This is a change Texas law has allowed cities to enforce if they want to since last year, but Amarillo Commissioners wanted to wait and make sure the state wasn't going to change their mind. Currently almost 20 different bills on the topic are being considered by the state House and Senate, and the city says they just couldn't wait any longer to make a move.