Report shows increased marijuana usage in Amarillo students

Melynn Huntley, Safe Schools Healthy Students
Melynn Huntley, Safe Schools Healthy Students

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Students in Amarillo are cutting back on underage drinking, but there is still an area of concern.

About two years ago, AISD started using the Safe Schools Healthy Students program, which they credit for cutting down underage drinking and bullying in middle and high schools.

According to the most recent report, since the program was put in place, the percentage of certain behaviors in Amarillo are lower than the state average.

Melynn Huntley says the program has really helped increase the awareness of the dangers involved with teen drinking and drug usage.

"What we're really seeing is the success of the safe schools and healthy students program, when you look over from the beginning to the end, our schools are safer, our kids are responding and our community is healthier than it was a few years ago," Huntley says.

Although drinking and school fights have decreased, there are areas where the school plans to adjust their focus, adds Huntley.

"For the most part, what we are doing is working, we are seeing challenges and they are across the entire nation in addressing marijuana, and so we will be going back to the drawing board and looking to see what we can do to help better communicate the dangers and perceptions of harm regarding marijuana, so we can get those numbers to move," Huntley says.

Doctor Robert Landry with Research and Education Services says community and parent involvement, along with increased awareness all played a role in the decrease of bad behaviors.