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Where are your wildfire donations going?

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Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Hundreds of thousands of dollars in just two weeks... And the donations keep pouring in.

Just over $271,000 has been raised so far from private donations to funds set up around the area... That's nearly $16,000 a day.

The Red Cross says they've seen an outpouring of monetary support, but haven't finished totaling it all yet.

Amarillo National Bank's William Ware says, "All started with one large donation from a good customer. He donated $150,000 in one day. Everybody kinda used that as a leadership gift and has gone from there. This is everybody. This is the dry cleaners, the retail stores, anybody and everybody doing what they can." 

All the money raised... From Amarillo National, Toot-n-Totum, Wells Fargo and Happy State Bank will all go to the Red Cross.

The money is already being used to meet emergency immediate needs... Food, clothes and shelter.

The rest of it will go towards long-term help... Amarillo Red Cross is working with the National Red Cross to hammer out details on the extent of that long-term help, possibly things like re-building barns and parts of homes lost.