Carson County gets new $7.4 Million Jail

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Panhandle, Texas - There is now light at the end of the tunnel for Carson county... Where too many prisoners and too little space has been a major problem for years.

Construction is well underway on the 3,000 square foot, $7.4 million brand new jail facility. It's twice the size of the current jail... Which is falling apart and doesn't even come close to meeting state standards.

The new jail will raise property taxes slightly, but the sheriff says it's necessary to double the size of the current jail, especially now... With the looming budget cuts coming down the pipe from Austin.

Sheriff Tam Terry says, "They're talking about cutting at least 12-hundred beds out of the state prison system. Well no one is telling the prosecutors and judges not to put people in prison, nor can they, so that's gonna back people up in our county jail, so we feel like it's a good time.

With the budget crunch, it's going to become invaluable." Since the current jail only holds 18 inmates... The county is forced to spend thousands of dollars a week to house any overflow inmates in Childress.