Warrant Roundup: Are you on the list?

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Amarillo Police are knocking on doors and rounding up people with outstanding warrants.

Police are very busy as they look to serve some 36,000 warrants over the next week. Only 2600 have been checked off the list.

Who are they looking for? People with Class-C misdemeanors, who haven't paid their fines. Traffic violations like no driver's licenses or running a red light are among the most popular.

One of the biggest violators on the list is someone with 42 warrants, owing over $117,000. Sgt. Brent Barbee of the Amarillo Police Department says, "When people don't address their traffic charges, then there are no consequences for a traffic ticket. Certainly if a person is not taking care of his fines and fees, then he certainly isn't suffering any consequences and maybe he's continuing that behavior."

These violations require a lot of paperwork and a lot of record keeping, which is why police are resorting to looking for people, instead of depending on them to turn themselves in. Police tell us warrants don't go away either, they continue to stack up. Some of them are almost a decade old.

Visit http://police.amarillo.gov/warrants.html to see a link to a list of outstanding warrants.