Campaign to teach students lesson of internet permanency

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - What you put online will be there forever and affects everybody, that is the message a new campaign at Amarillo Independent School District hopes to teach students.

Students in Amarillo's school district will be learning the lesson this week that what you share online will be there forever, and can be seen by everyone.

The "4 Ever 4 Everyone" campaign helps to encourage students to think about the permanent consequences of what they put on the internet.

Holly Shelton, AISD's communications director says the program will inform students of the lasting repercussions of an internet post.

"What we're asking is for students to stop and think before they post things online, and really ask themselves, is this something that I want out there forever, and is this something that anyone and everyone can see," says Shelton.

Shelton says they implemented many tools to ensure students get the most out of this campaign, including posters and public service announcements made by students.