Make-A-Wish Car Show

Make-A-Wish Car Show

Tom Lee
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - The Make-A-Wish car show is one of the largest fundraiser's for the Texas Plains Chapter of the Make-A- Wish foundation.

For just five dollars the Make-A-wish car show allows car owners and visitors to bond with each other about their love of cars.

Joe Krizan of the Panhandle Council of Car Clubs says,"A lot of folks come and they wander through the car show and they remember my best friend had those in high school 30 years ago, 40 years ago. And it brings back memories and everybody's got a story about one of them."

The Make-A-Wish car show doesn't just reflect on a car owner's desire to show off but also on how they want to give back to a worthy cause.

Kade Hughes a 1985 Lamborghini owner says, "I thought about entering a car show, but it wasn't ready for a car show. But as soon as someone told me it was make-a-wish that was the determining factor of it actually being here."

The car show is expected to raise about 60 to 70 thousands dollars.

The money collected will go a long way to help fulfill the dreams of many local needy children.

Megan Szydloski of the Texas Plains Make-A-Wish says, "The average costs of a wish is about seven thousand dollars that is what those funds went to. And it all stays here locally. Any money raised in the Texas Panhandle, stays for all the kids in Texas Panhandle."

The Make-A-Wish car show runs until Sunday at the Amarillo Civic Center from 10am-5pm.