Program to lose funding, kids left without mentors

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Hereford, Texas - Big Brothers, Big Sisters is slated to get a big funding cut, and many are concerned it could mean more children in our area will eventually end up behind bars.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Amarillo and Hereford are each slated to lose about $70,000 a year.... That means the Amache Program, which counsels kids whose relatives are in prison, will no longer be available.

It's a casualty of the massive budget deficit state lawmakers are trying to deal with. The program serves 190 kids in Hereford alone... In hopes of making sure they don't follow in their parents footsteps and end up in jail.

Program Executive Director Barbara Veazey says, "Our mentors are encouraged to talk with their children that they're matched with about making good choices. The importance of completing school, having higher aspirations for themselves, as far as going to college. Granted not everyone wants to go to college, but finding a purpose in life."

They're calling on the community to help out... Through personal donations or through business partnerships. If you'd like to take part, you can call Barbara Veazey... Her number is 364-6171.