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Clean up begins in Palisades area after fire


Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX- Just a few days after wild fires destroyed areas in Potter and Randall county, volunteers and waste management companies are trying to clean up the Palisades area.

Heath Dodgen with Max Waste Management says there is a large amount of destroyed property that has to be moved so, there is a heavy work load with for these companies.

He says to help with the clean up, there are a few things fire victims should avoid putting in the trash cans.

"A lot of the problems we've run into are people wanting to put appliances in, burned appliances that are already out there, so we don't want the appliances to all of a sudden, show up in the trash can because then someone's going to have to take them out. We can't take them all the way down to the landfill. Another problem is burned coals, we don't want burned coals to go into these trash cans," Dodgen says.

If hot coal or hot ashes end up in the trash cans, they could easily spark a fire once they reach the land fill says Dodgen.

He adds if you have appliances that need to be moved it would be best to put all of your appliances in one location, so they are easier to transport.

Tires, chemicals, and drums will not be allowed in the city dump.            

He also says it would be helpful if victims separated recyclable items from trash.