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RRHS students with appetite to help

RRHS administrator Kim Franks RRHS administrator Kim Franks

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Hundreds of high school students lend a hand to help their fellow classmates affected by the wildfires.

According to, River Road High School administrators, 13 people in their school were impacted by the weekend's roaring flames. Two students and one employee lost their homes. Ten other students suffered some sort of property damage.

"These kids are very passionate about their peers. They sit in class with them, they know them. Its a very close knit community, they understand they suffered a tragedy and they want to help." said RRHS administrator Kim Franks.

Since Monday, the school started collecting pocket change from students, faculty and parents. Thursday afternoon, students were able to pay to receive an hour lunch, which is 15 minutes longer than what students normally get. Upperclassmen gave five bucks and were allowed off campus. While underclassmen donated three dollars to the cause and were able to enjoy lunch outside.

So far, more than $1,800 has been collected. The school started out with a fundraising goal of one thousand dollars for the 13 victims in their immediate  school community.