Keeping the Base Growing

CLOVIS, NM - So far, the base has brought about 5,000 high paying jobs to the area and with the new special ops mission, Cannon is expected to double in size, but that growth could create serious issues which might hamper the base's mission.

One potential problem, right now there are no rules about where in the county a wind turbine can be built, so if a farmer near the base decides to put up one of the tall structures, that can cause big problems for the nearby runways.

But Wednesday a task force made recommendations on how to solve those potential programs - including new zoning requirements and trying to find federal funds so the military can buy out property rights.

Their report says "If issues are addressed early through open lines of communication, Cannon AFB will be at less risk of a potential base realignment and closure."

Now that this group has made their recommendations, it will be up to the Curry and Roosevelt County Commissions to decide what will become law. Both are expected to take up the issue later this month.