Palisades Opens Only to Residents

AMARILLO, TX--One of the hardest hit areas and the last community to be allowed back in to their homes, is the Palisades neighborhood.

Residents there saw their homes for the first time today after Palisades was described by local authorities as a war zone.

One resident who lost her home in the fire said she is considering moving away. She said it is too difficult to stay in Palisades after the fire wiped out her home.

One of the firefighters who has lived in Palisades for over 30 years and helped put out the flames, said Sunday's events were a humbling experience.

"It was pretty shocking, it was quite humbling to see everything on fire all at the same time. Once we got through, we came down here to the Palisades and they sent us over to Tanglewood, when we got over there it was pretty impressive to see just how fast this fire was traveling" said Chris Warren, City and Volunteer Firefighter in Palisades.

Warren said he was grateful to see the amount of support his community received from the surrounding fire departments. For now, only Palisades residents will be allowed in the neighborhood.