Disaster Declaration still in place in City of Amarillo and Potter and Randall Co.

Amarillo Mayor Debra McCartt
Amarillo Mayor Debra McCartt

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - In the wake of the destructive wild fires in much of the Panhandle, parts of our area are still considered a disaster area.

Early Sunday afternoon, when the fires first began, Mayor Debra McCartt and county judges from Potter and Randall counties issued a disaster declaration, for the area.

Having the Disaster Declaration in place assures the local funds used to fight the fires are reimbursed by state and federal resources.

Mayor McCartt says she and other area officials saw the conditions that would be hitting our area so they prepared for the worse.

"We knew that we would probably be needing that with the weather conditions and the wind the way it already was, we had anticipated that and that's generally one of the very first things we look at is a disaster declaration," says McCartt.

The disaster declaration will be in place for seven days.

Mayor McCartt says any local funds spent until Saturday will be covered by the declaration.

She says if conditions worsen and fires start again, they could renew this declaration.