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Battling wildfires from the firefighters view

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Jeremy Clancy Jeremy Clancy

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Fire investigators estimate this blaze damaged more property in one day than the several weeks of massive flames back in 2006. The scale even took many veteran firefighters by surprise. But their swift action helped keep any serious injuries from happening.

Jeremy Clancy was on his day off when the call came.

"I was actually driving back into town from a ski trip," he said.

But before even getting to the scene he knew the vacation over.

"It was pretty amazing, the amount of smoke that was coming off that. Just off of everything. The grass, the houses. Eye opener on the way out," he said.

Jeremy's just one of hundreds of firefighters who risked their own lives to save others. Looking back, he says the chaos wasn't the only challenge.

"The wind was still ripping pretty hard. Real dirty, real dusty, no matter what you had on your eyes, your eyes still got caked with dirt. Soot."

But the hardest part for him was not being able to save every house because of those whipping winds.

"It that moment you feel helpless you know. It was weird watching it. It would just go one way. Catch this house on fire. It just looked like it was picking and choosing and going on."

Still without these crews things would have been much worse, and many are calling them heroes.

"I don't know about heroes. That's what we got into this job for to help people."