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Lake Tanglewood residents react

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Sue Green Sue Green
Jim Gray Jim Gray

AMARILLO, TX - There were no reports of injuries in Lake Tanglewood and Palisades but many residents' homes were lost and some suffered severe damages.

Authorities described The Palisades area as a war zone. Lake Tanglewood was also one of the most affected areas where a total of seven homes were lost during yesterday's massive wild fire.

Many residents have lived in Lake Tanglewood for decades and some agreed this was the worst fire they've ever been through.

Among all the chaos during Monday's evacuation, many were just happy to be alive.

"It was very emotional last night because we didn't know if our house was still standing and it is. We're grateful everybody is safe and there's a lot of heartache right now but everyone is safe" said Sue Green, Lake Tanglewood resident.

Some were able to stay the night in relatives' houses and others slept in mobile homes. One long time resident told us after spending an uncomfortable night, he can't wait to get back to his home.

"I'm going to back to the house and I'm going to get a good night's sleep because I've been sleeping on a concrete floor all night and it was different. I just want to get a nap" said Jim Gray, Lake Tanglewood resident.

Residents said the entire community pulled together to help their neighbors and that at the end of the day all material things can be recovered.

All Lake Tanglewood residents were allowed back in their homes around 3 p.m. but the Palisades area remains restricted to residents.