Lake Tanglewood fire update

Dean Logan, Lake Tanglewood resident
Dean Logan, Lake Tanglewood resident

AMARILLO, TX - Dozens of fire fighters, including crews called in from the metroplex, continue to fight flames in the Lake Tanglewood area.

Officials said conditions are still very dangerous and have blocked off the entrance to the neighborhood.

No injuries have been reported but around 20 structures, including homes, have been severely damaged. There is still no word on how widespread the fire is or how many acres have burned. According to officials the fire has not been contained.

One resident who has lived in Lake Tanglewood for 31 years, said it is the worst fire he has ever seen.

"We've had a couple fires here and there but nothing with it coming down the canyon like this, so it's pretty scary. I've got a bunch of friends that live in this canyon, I know they're are worried" said Dean Logan, Lake Tanglewood resident.

It is still unknown when residents will be able to return to their homes.