UPDATE: Evacuation Info

Mike Howland
Mike Howland

AMARILLO, TEXAS - As of 10:00 p.m. Sunday a disaster declaration is still in effect for the Panhandle, but several neighborhoods have now been taken off the mandatory evacuation list.

They are... Timbercreek, Tangleaire, Richland Acres, Ranch Acres, River Falls and in Hutchinson County, Keeler Heights in no longer being evacuated. That means it is now safe for you to go back home.

If you were evacuated and your neighborhood is not on this list, you are still not allowed to return home. Two Red Cross shelters will remain in place through out the night for those who can't return home at River Road Baptist Church and Cowboy Church.

But for those who have gone home already, they took with them memories of one horrible day. Mike Howland showed up at one shleter after police forced him to leave his Willow Creek home this afternoon.

"We grabbed the dogs, a couple of vehicles and we left. We just almost didn't make it out because we couldn't see. Smoke was so thick we couldn't see to get out there," he said.

In fact the smoke was so bad, his wife Penny had to go to the hospital.

"She getting better, and they're probably going to let her come home, well at least come here," he said.

Hundreds of people like Mike came out, but tried to stay postiive even in the worst of times.

"It's just one of those things," he said.