Mesilla fire damages more than 1200 acres, still burning

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Nine hours after it began, a fire in Northeast Potter County continues burning.

Amarillo Fire Department says the fire is still only about 20-percent contained as of 9, and is still moving quickly.

Officials we spoke with say the fire has now destroyed twenty-six houses and one business. Seven more buildings were damaged.

Early estimates show 12-hundred acres burned. Amarillo fire will not know for sure exactly how many burned until the sun comes back out.

"Amarillo City Mayor Debra McCartt and the two county judges have signed a Declaration of Disaster for the local area, for Potter and Randall counties and the city of Amarillo. And basically, kind of what that does is just ensures that state assets are available to us and that we're able to get the help that we need," said Wes Hall from the Amarillo Fire Department.

Five different fire departments and task forces were still fighting the fire, late into the evening, with more than two-hundred firefighters responding.

There has been no confirmation on what caused the fire.
No serious injuries are being reported. A sheriff's deputy reportedly suffered from smoke inhalation.  

If you live in the Willow Creek area, you still cannot go home. The area remains under a mandatory evacuation.