Amarillo police surround house, Animal Control chases illegal goat

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Nearly a dozen police cars were staked out surrounding several houses near Caprock High School for a few hours Saturday night.

This comes after an Amarillo 9-1-1 operator says a caller seemed frantic and sounded muffled... Then the operator heard gunshots in the background.

After questioning neighbors, police were able to zero in on one particular house, where they believe a sex offender, who just got out of prison, lives.

The offender was no where to be found and the other people who live in the house are not talking to authorities.

During the incident, police went into the backyard and the homeowner's illegal pet goat got out... Forcing Animal Control to chase it around the neighborhood.

Police still do not know where the man is or if anyone was hurt by the alleged gunshots.