Red Cross Holds First-Ever Statewide Disaster Drill

Red Cross Holds First-Ever Statewide Disaster Drill

Tom Lee

Newschannel 10

Amarillo, TX-

Local Red Cross volunteers are looking to stay prepared in case a tornado strikes Amarillo.

Darla Friemel was one of 17 volunteers in Amarillo to take part in today's statewide disaster drill.

She became a volunteer after receiving help during a disaster.

Friemel said, "We had tornadoes come through our neighborhood 20 years ago and I actually remember the Red Cross going door to door, knocking on our door, making sure everyone was okay. "

The Red Cross staged mock disasters on pictures and placed them on front lawns in select houses outside a downtown Amarillo neighborhood.

The Red Cross and its volunteers say this practice run will help them get aid out faster during an actual emergency.

Martha Riddlespurger of the Amarillo Red Cross said, "If it's a really big incident and we need extra help, the damage assessment allows us to know when we call national headquarters, how many more people and volunteers are needed and what kind of people need to do what kind of job."

Bryan Fremel a Red Cross volunteer adds,  "Anytime we practice a drill like this, it's just going to make an event, hopefully it will never happen, but if it did, we would be a lot more prepared."

Volunteers are also asked to assist disasters in other states, but most of time they help out families after a house fire.

Over 600 volunteers and 22 out of 25 Red Cross chapters in Texas took part in today's state wide disaster drill.

If your are interested in becoming a volunteer for the Amarillo Red Cross, you can contact them at 376-6309