NNSA Director Visits Pantex

Thomas D'Agostino, Administrator - National Nuclear Security Administration
Thomas D'Agostino, Administrator - National Nuclear Security Administration

AMARILLO, TX - More jobs and a bright future are being promised at Pantex.

According to Thomas D'Agostino, the under secretary of nuclear security and the administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration, Pantex has a promising future when it comes to jobs in the Texas Panhandle

During his tour of the plant yesterday and today D'Agostino said Pantex will see a 20 percent increase in budget, thanks to an $85 billion investment on nuclear security by President Obama.

"The work force will get more training, we'll be recapitalizing which means building new buildings. When you building new buildings obviously it's construction jobs that come into the area, and when we do more work in the stockpile that means we have to buy more material goods whether it's paper, or metal products [for example]. We buy those from the community which helps local businesses" said Thomas D'Agostino, NNSA.

His visit comes a day after the arrest of a terrorist suspect in Lubbock. Although it's not clear whether Pantex was one of the suspect's targets, D'Agostino reassures that the security at Pantex is at its highest level.