UPDATE: Terror suspect arrest

Lubbock, TX - A suspected terrorist will spend at least two more weeks behind bars.

This morning a federal judge in Lubbock granted the government a continuance to hold the bond hearing on March 11th for Khalid Aldawsari.

NewsChannel 10's Ben Briscoe reports that Aldawsari didn't say much, his lawyer entered a plea of not guilty before they even entered the courtroom.

But the suspect did acknowledge he understands the charges against him on attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction.

FBI agents say Aldawzari was collecting materials to build a chemical bomb, and that he was possible targeting president George W. Bush's house in Dallas or a nuclear facility.

Those who knew him in Lubbock say the suspect kept to himself, but their not all that surprised about the charges.

Aldawzari's former roomates said "He just went to his room, came out to eat on occasion, went straight back to his room. If we had friends over he wouldn't talk to them....our friends assumed he was even a terrorist himself but we kind of defended him jokingly just not assuming anything at all."

As the suspect was walking into court he was looking down at the ground for almost five minutes. When Aldawzari arrived inside the courtroom he was smiling and even laughing.

We will have more from the roommates and today's hearings coming up Live at Five.