Panhandle Pronghorns headed to Trans-Pecos

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Dalhart, Texas - About 200 Pronghorn Antelope are making their way from the Panhandle to West Texas in a fashion you might not expect. A group of Texas Park and Wildlife biologists are rounding up these animals in the Dalhart area.

It's a win-win situation for both the Panhandle and West Texas. Our region has too many of these animals, while West Texas does not. Wildlife experts hope to revive the declining population in the Trans-Pecos region, while taking care of the antelope problem for farmers in Dalhart.

Catching them is quite an operation however, it takes a helicopter, net guns, and a team of wildlife experts and veterinarians. Once they are captured they are brought to a processing location for a full work-up. Shawn Gray of Texas Parks and Wildlife says, "We'll be drawing blood. We'll be testing for some diseases. We'll be testing for pregnancy on the does. We'll give them a sedative to calm them. Pronghorn are very finicky animals, very high-strung animals. We'll also give them a Vitamin-E selenium shot and an antibiotic shot."

The animals are also being earmarked and collared for further study. Then they are put in trailers and taken to the Trans-Pecos region for release. The team caught 50 Pronghorn Antelope in today's location.