Investigation finished in in-custody death from January

Lieutenant Gary Trupe, Potter - Randall Special Crimes Unit
Lieutenant Gary Trupe, Potter - Randall Special Crimes Unit

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX- A Potter County Grand Jury decides officers used appropriate force when containing a suicidal man in January.

Investigators say Kelly Sinclair's autopsy results show he had a large quantity of methamphetamine and suffered from a pre-existing heart condition, so being tazed was not the cause of death. 

Officers responded January fifth to a call of a suicidal man, and found Sinclair with a butcher knife to his throat. 

They shot Sinclair with a tazor to stop him from hurting himself or the officers. 

Lieutenant Gary Trupe from the Special Crimes Unit says the tazor was deployed for 42-seconds. 

He says the officers had no other options to try to save Sinclair.

"The only one I could come up with was, you cannot shoot him, because he's threatening his own life, there's no one there that he can harm, if you're away from him, so the only other solution is let him stab himself and hope you can rescue him while he's bleeding to death."

Trupe and the 47th District Attorney Randall Sims say the Grand Jury decided the two officers did what they had to in the situation they were in and will be placed back on regular duty.