"Love Shack" to be demolished

John Shaffer, Code Enforcement Officer
John Shaffer, Code Enforcement Officer

GUYMON, OK - Down the alley behind the 800 block of Beaver Street in Guymon, you'll find what some have nick-named the love shack - right next to the Junior High School.

"I see people everyday," this neighbor didn't want to give his name, but he says some bad stuff goes on in the abandoned house.

"I mean drugs, sexually stuff and stuff like that. We don't need that around here."

Look inside and you'll spot a condom wrapper next to a dingy mattresses and that's just the beginning.  Police recently found drugs and paraphernalia after catching several kids skipping school in the shack.

"That's terrible actually, and you can't have that going on anywhere in the community." City Council Member Jim Norris said.

The police officer for the schools says almost everyday at least one student will leave their building, cross the alley and take part in bad things in the building, so she went to code enforcement for help.

"It's a collapse hazard, it's a fire hazard. It's basically a tender box, so it could go up in flames really easily," code enforcement officer John Shaffer said.

That department convinced the city council to condemn the building so it can be torn down.

"I don't' know that it will eliminate the problem, because more than likely they'll find somewhere else to go, but it's going to help," Shaffer said.

The owners of the property have actually said they will tear down the structure themselves, so the city has given them 30 days to make that happen.  If it's still standing after that, Guymon won't hesitate to demolish the building and hopefully some crime along with it.