Children's program in danger of closing

Cyndie Koetting, AC Lamplight Youth Theatre Director
Cyndie Koetting, AC Lamplight Youth Theatre Director

Elise Preston
NewsChanel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Extra curricular activities for some Amarillo children could soon disappear. The Amarillo College Lamplight Youth Theatre is in danger of shutting its doors.

The theatre's director tells NewsChannel 10, it takes about 100 thousand dollars a year to run the theatre. That includes money for costumes, equipment and salaries. All the funds to help sustain the program are generated from ticket sales, sponsorships and grants. According to theatre administrators, grants are more difficult to find for the performing arts, because organizations are now giving mainly to life-sustaining needs, like food, clothing and shelter.

"They sort of revamped their guidelines, so there's fewer opportunities for us to find grants and keep the doors open as a self sustaining program. I am a department of AC, but I pay my own bills, I have to have the money to pay bills or we wont be open." sad director, Cyndie Koetting.

Nearly 120 kids are enrolled in the program this semester.

Koetting says, the activities they participate in at the theatre, are the only extra-curricular activities for most of them.

The majority of kids plan on making the arts their career so the theatre also serves as a professional training ground.

We also spoke with Amarillo Little Theatre administrators who tell us, they have seen a slight drop in their funding, but not enough to worry them about keeping their program afloat.

The AC Lamplight Youth Theatre is the only theatre in Amarillo strictly for children.

If you like to help to the theatre by donating money or supplies, give Cyndie Koetting a call at 371-5353.