Budget cuts could lead to teacher shortage

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Proposed budget cuts to education have always been billed by lawmakers as a "temporary" necessity, but there are new fears those temporary measures could create permanent problems for panhandle classrooms.

To brace for what could be massive budget cuts from the state, AISD has issued a temporary hiring freeze. That has hundreds of local's training to be teachers worried about finding a job.

It's not just the hiring freeze causing concern. Add in the fact so many veterans returned to teaching during the recession because they couldn't find other jobs. And there's an environment that could cause the next generation of teachers to disappear.

"It's possible that 6 to 8 years from now, people won't go into the field because they're worried about getting a job. And that could lead to another teacher shortage," said Amy Andersen, Interim Head of WTAMU's Department of Education.

In an internal memo about the freeze, AISD's superintendent explains the move is because of uncertainty from Austin and he writes: "Our desire is to accomplish reductions in personnel by utilizing attrition. ... We will try to provide answers as soon as we can."