Everything's Bigger in Potter and Randall Counties

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - While many of the counties in the Panhandle lost population according to the most recent census, Potter County and Randall County saw quite a bit of growth.

Census numbers help the city plan for the future, which allows Amarillo City Planner Kelley Shaw to look at which areas grew the most. The city can then determine what new services the growing areas will now need, anything from new bus routes to new schools.

Census numbers also play a large roll in the funding the city receives from the government, since state and federal grants greatly depend on an area's population. Kelley Shaw says, "We have a community block grant, that is based largely on what a city's population is, not only total population but different race groups and ethnicities. It's very important that when we apply for grants, that we have the correct numbers to base what we're asking for."

Shaw says these grants help with anything from road repairs to building new public facilities. Amarillo grew about 10% with the population now reaching just over 190,000, but other areas of the Panhandle saw a loss.