Benefits for senior citizens under utilized

Lisa Hancock, Area Agency on Aging
Lisa Hancock, Area Agency on Aging

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Thousands of area senior citizens are not receiving the medical help they need.

The Area Agency on Aging recently received a federal grant to help educate area seniors that they are under utilizing medicare benefits, and all they need to do is sign up.

It's estimated nearly 50 thousand elderly Panhandle residents qualify to get assistance in paying their Medicare Part B premiums. That's a price tag of $110.50 every month for a senior citizen. Benefits not being collected by area seniors would also go towards buying their prescription medications and deductibles for doctor's visits.

Agency administrators tell NewsChannel 10, these breaks for many seniors are huge, especially when you consider they are on fixed incomes.

"The medicare beneficiaries are complaining about not being able to afford their medications, and not being able to but groceries and medications. There is help available but they are doing without medications, because they don't realize it." said Lisa Hancock with the Area Agency on Aging

Administrators also say, they will help any senior look into whether they qualify to receive these benefits. Workers will help to fill out the applications so qualifying seniors can start to see the medicare benefits as soon as possible. All you need to do is give the area agency on aging a call at 331-2227.