Man confesses to murder, will not face murder charges

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Even though he admitted to killing an Amarillo woman, the truck driver who says he set her body on fire will not face murder charges.

30-year-old Natasha Carpenter was found dead inside a burned 18-wheeler in Mississippi back in 2009... 49-year-old Mark Rice confessed to killing her, but a Mississippi Grand Jury did not indict him for murder because she was apparently killed in California.

Authorities say Carpenter was dating Rice... And often went with him as he drove his 18-wheeler on long trips cross country.

Rice is being indicted for third-degree arson and desecration of a corpse.

If convicted of both charges, he could spend up to 6 years behind bars.

Had he been indicted for capital murder, he could have faced the death penalty.