Bingaman won't run again

NM Senator Jeff Bingaman
NM Senator Jeff Bingaman

CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO - The most experienced US senator from our area is retiring. Senator Jeff Bingaman says he will not run for a sixth term in 2012.

Bingaman has served in the Senate since 1983 - that makes him the 9th most senior senator in the US and the longest serving from a southern state.

Bngaman says he has no specific plans once he leaves the senate, but he will work to make sure his seat stays blue.  He is the third democrat and sixth member of the senate to decide to not run for another term.

From our area Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas will also step down. When asked why they are stepping aside right now, both Bingaman and Huchison said there's no ideal time to step down, they just felt now was right.