Seven thousand pounds of venison meat donated

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

White Deer, TX - The High Plains Food Bank is usually low on the amount of protein they have available for their clients, but that all changed Wednesday afternoon.

Back in December we reported the food bank would no longer be taking meat donated by hunters.

Clint and Sons meat processing company and many local hunters donated more than 6,000 pounds of venison meat to the food bank.

Broc Carter from the High Plains Food Bank says they did not change any policies, but cleared some of the rules up when it comes to receiving meat.   

They say they are able to accept the meat donated by Clint and sons because they are certified.

"We didn't really see a change in the policy, for us, but really a clarification of what meat we are able to accept. Part of that is we are able to accept from USDA certified processors, and people that have signed up with hunters for the hungry so we are willing to take that on and fill out the paperwork for that," said Carter.

Carter says this amount of meat will do a lot to help the protein supplies at the food bank, and will in turn feed many families.

"Seven thousand pounds of meat is a lot of meat for us, and especially when we are so desperate for proteins right now. Having this seven thousand pounds of meat will really change the way we are able to give fresh meats to our agencies," added Carter.

The food bank has the meat ready in their warehouse and will distribute it as soon as orders from their agencies come in.

The food bank tells us getting this much meat is not a common occurrence.