Perry's $10,000 college degree challenge

Dr. James Hallmark, WT's Vice President of Administrative Affairs
Dr. James Hallmark, WT's Vice President of Administrative Affairs

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Canyon, Texas - Discounted degrees could soon be coming to colleges and universities across Texas.

Governor Rick Perry wants all public colleges and universities to develop bachelor's degree programs that cost no more than $10,000, including text books.

Compare that to the average $31,000 it costs for that same four-year degree right now. Perry says it's all about making college more accessible to more Texans.

While the folks we spoke with at WT agree with his theory, they say in practice, it's not realistic.

They say they're already going to drastic measures to try and cut costs, but this latest challenge would push things over the edge.

WT's Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Dr. James Hallmark says, "We are doing everything we can, from textbook rental programs to online textbooks, to creating larger sections of courses so our faculty costs go down. We are trying everything we can imagine. We're going to conferences so we can figure out more ways to save money."

Despite that, Hallmark says if Perry takes this challenge one step further and makes it a mandate, they will give it the good old college try.