Safety concerns at Amarillo skate parks

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Some Amarillo parents are calling for the city to make local skate parks safer for children.

It is not mandated that children wear protective gear of any kind while they use the city's skate parks.  That is also true for anywhere in the state of Texas. The city does have signs posted, recommending people wear protective gear, but that is not enforced.

Parents NewsChannel 10 spoke with Monday afternoon, say dozens of children flip their bikes and go upside down on skateboards everyday; and since the city established a skate park for children to do so, the city should also establish laws making those kids wear helmets to protect themselves.

Amarillo City Commissioner Jim Simms tells NewsChannel 10, it is up to the parents of the kids enjoying the skate parks to ensure their children are wearing the proper safety gear.

"I think it would be difficult to create an ordinance, much less to enforce an ordinance to require helmets at the skate park.  We don't have an ordinance about kids riding bikes and there is a whole lot more kids riding bikes than over at the skate park." said Simms.

Commissioner Simms also says, the issue has never been brought to the city before.

Parents we spoke with Monday say, they will circulate a petition in favor of creating an ordinance.