The District Attorney's office needs help in motorcycle wreck investigation

Tamela Dragoo
Tamela Dragoo

Angelina Perez

Amarillo, TX- Officials need your help in finding the family of a woman killed in a motorcycle wreck near the Palo Duro Canyon.

According to the Department of Public Safety 49-year-old Tamela Dragoo was on a motorcycle with Roger Henderson when she died.

It happened May 22nd when the bike rolled on Highway 207.

District Attorney Randall Sims says after the crash Dragoo's next of kin was never found.

He adds, along with Dragoo's family, they are also looking for any witnesses to the wreck, who may be able to put the pieces together of what exactly happened when the motorcycle Henderson and Dragoo were on crashed.

"If the circumstances turn out like we think it is, it will be an intoxication manslaughter case, I got to get the witnesses to back up what we think happened," said Randall Sims.

Sims says, Dragoo, also went by the last name Gibson, and lived in Amarillo prior to her death.

As for why they're searching for answers now, months after the crash, Sims' office is not releasing specific details.

You can reach his office with any information at 379-2325.