No running water in apartment complex for days

Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Hundreds of north Amarillo residents are dealing with unsanitary conditions following the severe cold.

More than a hundred families at the North Grand Villas have not had consistent running water for days. Some at the complex have been without this basic need at the very least for three days, others say they have been inconvenienced for ten.

We visited many families in their home Thursday afternoon and they had sewage left in their commodes, and many were washing their bodies in make shift baths. Others say, every time they have to use the rest room they go to a nearby fast food place or gas station. However,  late at night, they tell NewsChannel 10, they have been placing trash bags over their commodes and then taking the waste to the dumpster.

No running water is not the only concern. Broken pipes have caused much damage.

"There is ice coming from the roof of the apartment, it can cause danger, it can cause a fire, that really really concerns me." said resident Ahmed Ali.

The manager of the complex did not wish to go on camera, but she tells NewsChannel 10, they are working hard to restore running water within the next day and fix the damage from the broken pipes within the next week.

To make matters worse for dozens of the families, they are of the Islamic faith and its customary for Muslims to pray five times a day.

Many tell NewsChannel 10, They have not been praying because, they can not effectively wash their bodies.