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Higher beef prices not affecting one local meat market

Angelina Perez

Amarillo, TX-  Beef prices have been climbing in the last few months, but one local meat market owner says he predicts sales will remain steady.

The Texas Cattle Feeders Association says prices are increasing for beef and cattle and may continue to grow even more, but Lyndon Brazile, the owner of Harold's Farmer's Market says he thinks customers will still buy, even with the higher prices.

Brazile says he has heard minor complaints about the prices of meat but says costs for many purchases have gone up, so as long as it is an essential and a good value customers will continue to purchase it.

"They're buying about the same. It really hasn't affected us yet, you know, not that much. Like I say Americans, you know, as a whole, need to know, beef is a good value and as long as we keep prices at where they are right now, we'll be ok," said Brazile.

He adds customers may cut down on their consumption of beef and may not purchase as much, but as long as the store keeps the price at a competitive rate, they will still sell it.

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