Cities hardest hit by storm

Will Combs
Will Combs

AMARILLO, TEXAS - With just over six inches of snow, most in the Amarillo metro area had trouble getting out of their drive ways this morning. Will Combs decided to help a few people because he says shoveling snow brings him joy.

"Yeah the joy. (laugh). You got to pull it out from the inner. It's cool," he said.

But other places had almost too much to shovel. Pampa viewer Melissa Cox Porter sent in a picture of their eight and half inches of snow drifted over. Her daughter was almost waste deep in the middle of it. Near by Canadian had the worst at a foot.

But while snow was waist high there, the outskirts of the viewing area didn't see much at all. Viewer Dave Grininger measured about three inches in his Childress front yard.

Across state lines, most of Eastern New Mexico got just over an inch. And the Oklahoma Panhandle ranged from about three to five - which still created some tough troubles on roads there.