Winter storm brings business

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Local hotels are seeing green in this winter white out.

Area hotels are booked thanks to the blowing snow that dumped across our region and the country. Many temporary residents are stranded in the area because they were diverted to Amarillo, or their stays were extended.

"The de-icer on my plane wouldn't work. I checked with the real feel apps on my iPhone and it said it was minus 40, so the ice was just re-freezing on the plane." said traveler Bryan Kucinski who was on his way home to Dallas.

Hotel managers tell NewsChannel 10, they have not seen a rush like this in several years.

According to them, much of the money being pumped into the economy is from area residents. Many of their overnight passengers are from the Panhandle, and commute to and from Amarillo for work. Those residents decided to stay overnight to avoid traffic accidents and getting stuck. Some hotels we spoke with say, they had many cancellations because of the weather both here and other places, but these last minute check-ins have more than helped them make up for those cancellations.