Allstate Insurance warns of "bandit tow" scams

Amarillo, TX - Scammers are targeting stranded drivers as potential victims after this latest winter storm.

Allstate Insurance says drivers who are stranded on the side of the road can become a victim of a potential scam.

The insurance company says the scam happens when tow truck drivers search for broken down vehicles and offer their services, but charge a very high rate.

They say drivers are receiving help from tow drivers who are not necessarily with reputable companies and leaving them to pay hidden charges for roadside assistance, costing up to thousands of dollars.

"You know somebody who has a make shift, you know, towing truck, that's not really a wrecker that has a rope and a chain and he's gonna just help you out of your situation and you see it costs an arm and a leg," said Clark Damon.

Allstate says never give a tow truck operator your insurance information, check for signage on the truck to be sure it is a legit company and always ask to have your car towed to your home so you do not have to pay storage costs.