Winter blast hits Amarillo

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Another round of winter storms just starting to blow into town Tuesday night quickly putting drivers in serious danger.

By around seven o'clock the first road in Amarillo had been shut down. Crews kept drivers from heading down 34th West of Soncy because several cars had already gotten stuck in snowdrifts. Someone from this scene was also transported to the hospital with signs of severe hypothermia.

There were also two reports of roll-overs on the scanners that we weren't able to get video of because it was just so hard to get around town in any speedy manor.

To give you an idea how low visibility was, from Famous Dave's you can barely see the Country Barn sign. That was round 8 p.m., by twenty minutes later, things had gotten so much worse that our crew's cameras froze and stopped working. They were able to a picture with a camera phone showing how you could barely see 15 feet in front of you.

In addition to the low visibility, there's another problem for drivers. This is a different type of snow, that's more like ball bearings that provide no traction at all. Make sure to check in with Alan and the Early Show for the latest conditions Wednesday morning.