Too late to stock up on items to deal with winter storm

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILL0, TX - Many residents are flocking to stores to buy items to deal with the bitter cold, but they are coming back home with lighter than expected shopping bags.

Tuesday, NewsChannel 10  called around and visited several Amarillo stores looking for things to help us get through this next winter storm. Electric space heaters, heat tape for pipes, and ice melt were just some of the things on our shopping list . According to stores, they were either completely out or their inventory was quickly dwindling.

"We sold out of electric heaters last week, we reordered and sold out again this week. Same on heat tape for pipes that are frozen, we sold out last week, and again this week. Those have been important items during this cool spell." said Beebe Hardware owner, Parker Beebe.

The shipment at Beebe Hardware came in Monday morning, and they were sold out of many items by Monday afternoon. According to Beebe, he has not seen a rush like this year's for at least five years. Many shoppers NewsChannel 10 ran into, had visited anywhere from three to twelve stores looking for items.

According to some local store employees, last week, area residents were reactive to the cold. However, this week, more people are proactive against the anticipated winter blast.

Some stores expect to get the sold out items back in stock either later in the week, or next week. Employees hope the weather does not keep truckers off the roads in order for that to happen.

Another element some are blaming on the lack of goods is the upcoming spring. Although its the middle of winter for us in the Panhandle, in retail world they say, they are already on the next season so their shipments contain items to cool off instead of keep warm.