Cannon AFB expects 676 new housing units

PORTALES, N.M. (AP) - More than 600 new housing units are expected to be built at Cannon Air Force Base by a private contractor beginning next year.

The company that wins the contract to build the homes also will be expected to renovate 361 existing base housing units.

Officials from the company charged with overseeing the contract bids at Cannon and five other Midwest bases briefed local officials on the plans Friday.

MWH Americas project manager Binks Franklin says a contract should be finalized by March 2012. The winning bidder will be charged with completing 1,165 new housing units and improving 364 others at the bases within a 6-year period.

Franklin says Cannon has the greatest need for improved housing.

The military is moving to a privatized system for the nation's base housing.

Information from: Portales News-Tribune,