Busiest pizza day of the year impacts local pizza shops

Busiest pizza day of the year impacts local pizza shops

Angelina Perez

Amarillo, TX- Busy doesn't even begin to describe the pizza business super bowl Sunday. Pizza Hut alone is expected to make enough pizzas to fill 50 football fields.

Six million pizzas will be consumed super bowl Sunday by football viewers nationwide, which means a busy day for pizza retailers here in Amarillo.

"Super bowl Sunday is really busy," said Sean London, an assistant manager of Domino's.

Chain pizza shops and locally owned pizzerias make more pizza super bowl Sunday, then any other day of the year.

Brian Kelleher, the owner of 575 Pizzeria says the sales on this one day exceeds many other days.

"It will be up there with our busiest Fridays and Saturdays we've ever had in a much smaller time frame," said Brian Kelleher, owner of 575 pizzeria.

Sean London, an assistant manager of Domino's pizza in Amarillo says there is a lot of work that goes into preparing for such a busy day.

"Usually we get here at about 8 o'clock in the morning and prep probably 3-4 bags of pepperoni, take about 12 stacks of large dough out, 12 stacks of medium, them em proof through out the day and about 11 o'clock start taking phone calls and it stays busy all day," added London.

Kelleher says he also had to increase their inventory to meet the demands of customers.

"Beer, food, wine, everything's kind of taken a step up," said Kelleher.

With the increase in sales of pizza, there is an increase in the amount of deliveries.

Phillip Lowe, a local pizza delivery man says he expects to be busy the whole day.

"Super bowl's pretty much the biggest day of the year," said Phillip Lowe, a delivery man for Domino's.