Cold weather concerns spark plan of action for school

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - An elementary school will change how it allows kids to be picked up from school during the extreme cold.

This comes following concerns raised by a parent who claims, students were out in the bitter weather for too long this week.

With almost 800 kids enrolled in San Jacinto Elementary School, administrators say, it can be quite busy when parents come to pick up there kids. So what usually happens, is the kids wait right inside the foyer of the school, they come outside to see if their ride has arrived, if not they go back in.

A San Jacinto Elementary father we spoke with says, all week, he noticed students waiting outside for several minutes and he says that's not safe for the kids.

The principal tells us, kids waited in between 5 and 10 minutes outside before going back into the school building and he adds by having the kids check on their rides periodically. It's much more efficient and ultimately safer.

"It's something that we are always discussing, we've changed numerous times to try and make our traffic situation safe...I know its cliche, but its our number one priority." said principal, Doug Curry.

At the start of the next school week, the temperatures will drop again.

Principal Curry says, as of this the school has designated about 5 teachers to monitor the time spent outside...ensuring that no child is outside for more than 5 minutes.